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Website | Cantorum Choir

Work completed

New Wordpress website, design and build.

New branding.


Content management.

Members Area.


It was exciting to be asked to work on a new branding and website for Cantorum Choir.

The intention of the new design is to reflect that Cantorum is a dedicated and talented choir, to attract new younger choir members and to share news and upcoming concerts.

Key to this was giving the visitor and members a great user experience and flow through the website with clear calls to action. Introducing the new Cantorum Choir brand with a refreshed design and allowing for flexibility to add new content and functionality at any time in the future.

Because this was a migration from an old website, I carefully setup SEO Redirects, 301 Permanent redirects for exiting pages to their new version.

If you would like a website similar to this, perhaps you have a community project or need help bringing your business online please let me know.

Richard Pow

Richard Pow

As we move to uncertain times ahead there’s no doubt it’s necessary to be agile and creative in the way that we work, collaborate and how we support our customers and the community.

With this in mind if you need any help in communicating with your clients now or moving forward please let me know.